HJSPLIT (Tutorial)

Joining Files With HJSplit

If you haven't already, extract HJSplit from the .zip file that you downloaded.
Then, open the hjsplit.exe file that you just extracted.

Click the "Join" Button once you launch the program.

A purple window will pop up and click "Input File".

A window will pop up, and select the file.exe.001.
As long as the other files (.002, .003, etc. are in the same folder, then it will automatically join all of the files.)

Click the "Start" button.

A bar will appear that says "Working...."

Once it's done, click the "OK" button in the box that shows up.
Exit the program, or join more files if you have them.

Your joined file will be in the same folder as the .001, .002, etc files are located.

Now you're done!